Whole Person Life Coaching

Whole Person Life Coaching is a holistic, experience-oriented method that enables you to know and embrace aspects your whole self. Together we co-create the perfect non-judgmental environment for you to originate and establish a path that gets you to your goals. 

As a Whole Person Life Coach my perspective is that you are an integrated whole person. From this viewpoint I support you as you self-discover various aspects of your life and help you make the changes you seek.

We’ll approach those seemingly impossible shifts using Archetype Systems, Value Systems, Somatic exercises, Belief Systems and more. We’re looking for sustainable change by replacing self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors and feeling with clarity, thoughtfulness, courage and confidence.

The WPC tools are designed to adapt to the full range of your potential. With our focus on your agenda we are able to tap into a wide range of topics around:

·      Needs

·      Possibilities and

·      Motivations

·      Beliefs

·      Values and

·      Identities


Integrating these areas of our lives give us the strength to move forward through the sabotaging thoughts and feelings of everyday life. Having a new set of working tools as well as a supporting partner lays the path towards harmony, success, and true life-balance.


How does coaching work?

First we’ll have an introductory assessment session absolutely free of charge. This will help to uncover and clarify your goals and the pitfalls you may be encountering towards reaching them. We mutually determine whether we are a good match. If we are, we’ll schedule a “Discovery Session” where we will go through some of the coaching tools together and develop a timeline around the number of sessions, scheduling, and costs and make a commitment to it. We’ll also discuss a method for assessing your progress and an accountability process. 




Integrating self-acceptance and
self-awareness lessens the burdens
of fear in our lives.

We become willing and curious; actions that lead
to courageous discoveries!