What is Holding you Back?

What might set you free?

Restore your confidence…
expand your awareness…
free up your creativity…

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Take a Breath….

feel yourself just busting free… making the jump…

Past the uncertainty, Beyond the unknowns, Straight through the risks….

Empowerment is yours for the taking!


Empower Your Journey

Wouldn’t you love to have that wonderful feeling of being free from those wicked areas in your life that are holding you back? All of that unfinished, unspoken, undefined stuff that is creating overwhelm, irritability and exhaustion, can be resolved using my carefully designed and empowering exercise: Empower Your Journey in 8 Easy Steps©...


Gender & Gender Dysphoria Life Coaching

I offer Whole Person Life Coaching for anyone in the gender questioning or transgender spectrum. If you are questioning your gender, just starting hormones, pre-op or post-op, transman or transwoman, let’s talk....


Coaching for Life Events

The idea of transition or “coming out” isn’t limited to sexuality or gender. Life eventually forces all of us to choose between becoming real and showing up in our lives, or staying safely—even if miserably—hidden.